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Peace Through Montessori

The Montessori environment is one that promotes and supports Peace education. It is part of our everyday work. Peace education consists of providing opportunities and experiences for the children to help them understand the source of Peace within themselves, learning to live harmoniously with other people, cultures and the environment. The Montessori environment naturally sets the stage for these opportunities.

Individual Awareness and Centering are in practice each day. Students are actively engaged in self-awareness activities. The “Silence Game” for the young child allows for centering and a quiet moment. For the older child, time is given for personal reflection and growth. Students take responsibility for establishing and reaching personal goals.
Harmony and Interrelationships are nurtured each day through a sense of community and interdependence. Children develop trust and feel comfortable with peers. Children work cooperatively with one another. Children develop skills to resolve conflicts peacefully. The young child strives for independence, while developing inner self-discipline. The elementary student continues on this path with heightened awareness of working together socially and establishing lasting relationships. The adolescent is ready to integrate interdependence and build relationships of integrity and reliability. 
A Global Vision of Peace and Harmony is established as Montessori children realize their own inner peace and relationships with others. Students learn about other cultures through exploration, research projects and celebrations. Our Peace Poles are a visual reminder of global interconnectedness, with the inscription “May Peace Prevail on Earth,” in several languages. Importance is also placed on care of the natural world and all living things. Students take care of gardens around each campus, adding to school beautification. 
Holistic Peace Education is educating the “life within” the child and assisting them in learning how to relate to the “life without.”
“Establishing lasting peace is the work of education.”
         ~ Dr. Maria Montessori

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